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Eliminating Decisions - The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

If you eliminate decisions, it's much easier to build + sustain a healthy lifestyle. Less thought is better. You'll encounter decision making fatigue if you're always trying to figure out what workout to do, or what/where to eat. 

Some actionable tips:

Commit to a workout routine - every day at the same time with a group of people you enjoy being around. Or, schedule running, biking, or "insert outdoor activity" in your calendar. Just like you schedule meetings. 

Have a goal - sign up for a race, or an event that requires you to exercise leading up to it. 

Eat the same salad every day for lunch. 

Make a list of the restaurants you frequent most. Do they have healthy menu items? If so, commit to eating those items when you go out. If not, build a new list! 

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