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Challenge by Mike Aidala

Challenge by Mike Aidala

Part of the Challenges Series by Ten Thousand

" The stronger, fitter and more flexible I am, the more opportunities the world will lend me."

- Mike Aidala



Front Split

Start standing and lower yourself down as low as possible. Use your balance as you lower to help build strength in these uncomfortable positions.

Pancake Stretch

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Straddle your legs and slowly over time work to bring your chest to the ground.

Forward Fold

Start standing and hinge forward at your hips. Imagine your head reaching for your toes.

Single Arm Hang

Hang from the bar for as long as possible. A good goal is 1 minute each arm.

Single Arm Toes to Bar / 5 Reps Each Arm

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Grab the bar, engage your shoulder and pike at your hips to touch your toes to the bar.

Balance Single Leg Box Jump / 45”

I love unilateral training because we spend so much of our time on one leg while walking and running. Start standing on one leg and jump onto a box landing on the same leg.

Handstand Pushup (90 degree)

This is one of the hardest possible handstand pushups where you lower your body a few inches off the ground (hovering your feet) and push back up to a handstand. Start with regular pushups, handstand pushups at the wall, freestanding handstand pushups, negative handstand pushups then work pushups at a deficient. Make sure you take the time to build up joint integrity and muscular strength.

Clean and Jerk / 355 lbs

Two movements in one. Start with the barbell on the ground, in one fluid motion you lift it to a front rack position with the bar resting across your chest. Gather yourself and take a small ‘dip’ so you can then drive the bar vertical while splitting into a lunge under it. Like the Snatch, these are very technical moves and if you’re just starting out finding a reliable coach will greatly enhance your progress and experience.

Snatch / 270 lbs

Being able to swiftly lift weight from a dead stop to over your head is quite a feat. Hence why this is an Olympic sport by itself. Technique plays a huge factor in your success to lift heavy. Start slow, warm up and give it your best shot. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a coach.

Front Squat / 380 lbs

Place the bar on your shoulders keep your chest up and squat down as low as your can before pushing back up. Keep the weight centered on your feet and imagine yourself pulling the ground apart as you stand up.

Turkish Get Up / 80 lbs

Grab the kettlebell from the handle and turn it upside down. This requires added grip strength and stabilization. Start lying on your back and proceed to stand up keeping the kettlebell arm straight the entire time. Make sure your eyes stay on the bell and you maintain good form and focus. This is one of the best total body core exercises you can do.

Back Lever

Use gymnastics rings and work to hold your body in a straight line with straight arms. Work up to it using progressions with bent legs.

Kneeling Football Throw / 55 yards

Being able to link your body into one movement is critical in being a well-rounded mover and athlete. Kneeling takes away any movement from your knees down and forces you to focus on rotating from your core. Start slow and build up to a max throw.

Half Gasser

Using the width of a football field as reference, complete 16 reps touching the end line with your foot and back each under 18 seconds with 45 second rest.

Foam Rolling


I sit or lay down quietly after each workout for 10 minutes to help my brain and body slow down after putting it through such physical stress. It’s important to understand WHY you’re working out and what the bigger picture in your life is.


Take time after your workOUT to workIN. Our body can only achieve what our minds believe. You are the creator of your own life and you set the ceiling for your bodies potential. 

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