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Meet Abel Samet and Samuel Bail – Founders of Troubadour Goods

Meet Abel Samet and Samuel Bail – Founders of Troubadour Goods

What is Troubadour and what led you to start it?

Troubadour Goods is a London-based brand that designs and creates accessories crafted from the finest quality leather and performance fabrics.

It all started as a quest to find the perfect overnight travel bag. We both worked in finance in London and our jobs required a good deal of travel, and at weekends we would regularly take off on trips with friends. We realized how important it was to have the right overnight bag, one which could transition seamlessly between business travel and casual getaways.

Almost every bag we found was either too flashy, covered in logos or just not right for the workplace. So we started thinking about designing and creating our own bags, and met people involved in the creation of high-end leather goods in Europe. These talented artisans all shared an infectious passion and enthusiasm for their craft. What had begun as a search for a bag became a search for incredible craftspeople, and Troubadour Goods was born.

What drives your passion for leather goods?

We love the way leather wears and the memories it can carry. For instance, Abel remembers his grandfather’s old leather wallet because it looked as if it had been to hell and back – that’s what made it so cool to Abel as a kid. The best quality leather will last a lifetime – often longer – and it ages beautifully, acquiring a unique character and patina over time.

The quality of a leather depends on the tanning process. We work with the finest tanneries in Tuscany and use only vegetable-tanned leather, which is created by an all-natural process that takes several weeks. The result is an exquisitely soft yet durable leather that will last for decades and actually look better with age.

What is the design process that goes into all of your products?

It all starts with the desired use cases and performance of a product. We discuss this at length, so we can identify the ideal materials and construction techniques to create the best possible product. Our design process is all about combining performance and style – the Troubadour aesthetic is rooted in clean design with modern understatement. Our guiding vision is that less achieves more.

What's the best advice you've ever heard?

Find and work with the most talented individuals. We are only as good as our team and the people who work with us to design, create and support Troubadour products.

Where's your favorite place you've ever traveled to?

Anywhere beautiful in the great outdoors – we both enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and running – a few choice destinations include the Lake District and Scottish Highlands in the UK, and the Berkshires and White Mountains in New England in the US, especially during the autumn.

What's next for Troubadour?

We are very excited about our new collection, which pushes the performance of our designs further and highlights new shapes, fabrics, and colours while maintaining a clean aesthetic and incredible craftsmanship. For example, it includes two new weatherproof rucksacks with electro-moulded back panels, making the bags very light, comfortable, and breathable. Ultimately we want people to enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

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