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Meet Daniel Armitage

Meet Daniel Armitage

What's it like owning a menswear shop in Denver where everything else seems to be focused on the outdoor crowd?

If you asked me two years ago I'd say it was frustrating, but we've witnessed a real change in the market over the last couple of years and now it's actually pretty exciting. As you probably know, tons of people are moving to Denver every day and we get people in the shop who just moved here from somewhere else and they set out to find their favorite new local shop like they had in there last home and we hope they find that at A&Mc. And we also see guys who have lived in Denver for years and are just starting to feel out the menswear scene and find how they fit in. It's kind of cool to be a part of that.

Where did the name Armitage & McMillan come from?

My last name is Armitage and Darin's mother's maiden name is McMillan, which we thought sounded cooler than his last name, which is Combs. Armitage & Combs just doesn't have the same classic feel to it, am I right?

Who's behind the brand?

I guess the brand is myself and my friend and business partner, Darin. However, we have some great guys working with us now too so I'd say the whole team has become pretty crucial to the brand as a whole.

What are some of your best sellers?

We sell a lot of denim, A.P.C., Norman Russell and United. And the UNIS chinos are always great sellers too. And the we sell a lot of sunglasses and prescription eyewear through our Steven Alan Optical shop-in-shop, a partnership we launched about a year and a half ago.

What do you do when you're not in the shop?

We work on everything else related to Armitage & McMillan, the online shop, marketing and other projects that we hope tho share soon. As for non-work related stuff, I play music in a band called Sun Airway and I read a lot. 

What's next? Do you have any projects you guys are working on?

We're working on a dedicated schedule of rotating pop-up shops that we'll be bringing to Colorado. We are always doing cool stuff with local favorites, Winter Session, collaborating on some home goods with them at the moment. 

And we are a finally producing our own private label, which we hope to have in the shop by Spring/Summer 2018.

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