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Meet Sam Jorgenson Founder of Rove

Meet Sam Jorgenson Founder of Rove

What's a typical day like for you?

I love riding, so most mornings are up at 6 am with a quick spin up to the GWB to meet a few friends for a 50-mile ride to Piermont and back. For me, riding has turned into a form of meditation so it’s a great way for me to start my day. We’re usually back by 9:15-9-45 depending on the pace we set.

Work finally begins with emails and calls regarding Rove. Most of my meetings are held at Rapha in Soho, and usually, there are anywhere from 1-3 throughout the day. Anything from sales, to PR/Marketing and even engineering/design. Being in a start-up all of us do a lot of different things so meetings are always a learning experience. For me, if I don’t know the answer I’m going to find a few people who do and compare answers. Always learning is the key. In the Evening I try to unwind, but it depends on our international engineers and when they need things answered, so a lot of times I’m up somewhat late chatting with them via slack or Skype.

What lead you to start ROVE? Can you tell us a bit about the brand and product?

In February 2015 I was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer and had my back against the wall. I’d undergo chemo and a few pretty intense surgeries. However, after my first major abdominal surgery, I developed awful leg pains. With the surgery I was unable to workout at all for 16-24 weeks, the only thing I could do is walk. So having awful leg pains and not working out was a bit confusing to me. This is when I met Dr. Daniel Giordano and Philippos Kyriacou, founders of Bespoke Treatments here in NYC and now my business partners on Rove. Daniel was very quick to assess my situation and began working on me. Within a few days, I felt great, and that's when Dan introduced to foam rolling to me. It was amazing how much foam rolling took me out of pain. I began walking all over the city with one and rolling whenever my pain would start. So yes, at one point I’d walk the west side highway with a foam tube to roll on. Previous to surgery my traveling was limited because of a weak immune system. Fast forward 90+ days and I was now traveling to see friends and family all over the country shipping rollers, that's when it dawned on me, there needs to be a truly portable roller. I’d take the idea to Daniel and Philippos at Bespoke for what we thought was a normal visit and out of it came Rove.

We’re now approaching a few years on Rove and things are great. Having launched two successful crowdfunding campaigns, created a brand that we’re all in love with, and really seeing people's reactions when they see and use the roller is awesome. Rove at its core is about helping people feel better no matter the intensity, professional athlete, new mom or a first timer to the gym. We want to educate people on proper recovery and at the same time make a product that everyone knows is the best. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for where we are going to take the brand and having partners like Lululemon, the New York Knicks, the LA Dodgers and the University of Wisconsin make this journey a lot of fun.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Great question. What’s your why? For me, I’ve always loved Saturdays without question.Friday is fun, but most of the world just worked a hard day and are tired, but still excited for the weekend. Sunday is good, but many folks get the Sunday scaries. So to me, Saturday is the day. Where am I going with this…I always say “We only get so many Saturdays, so make the most of them.” So I carry that with every day, we only get so many days so make the most of that day, and if you don’t like what you’re doing, change it. I have to tip my hat a bit to a man who helped me come up with that though, his name is Stuart Scott. The late great ESPN anchor who passed from cancer. In his book, he talks about making the most of your life and days. If you haven’t read his book I recommend it to anyone. It’s filled with a don’t give up attitude and some badass stories. “Your life is made up of only two dates and a dash, so make the most of that dash."

What's next?

Currently, Rove is in a crazy exciting time with fundraising, bringing product one to market, creating new partnerships and collaborations and just learning. I think we’re all having founders butterflies, but that’s what it’s all about. There is nothing better than walking into a meeting with Rove and opening up my bag to see people's faces light up. That's what makes me excited and realize that we have something great here and keeps me pushing forward. Creating your own platform to stand on with whatever it is, is extremely rewarding, fulfilling and just cool. At the same time, it means you grow as a person, something that I’m excited to see not only in myself but with my co-founders as well.

We can’t forget riding and racing, really looking forward to what this season has in store as well.

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