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Meet Shaz Sedighzadeh

Meet Shaz Sedighzadeh

Tell us a bit about yourself - where are you from, where do you live now? 

First things First, I love Fellow Gent. Thanks for reaching out, flattered. Noticed you guys are spending some time in Colorado lately? My stomping grounds! So yea, to that point... I grew up near the foothills of Denver Colorado. 1982 on the first day of Summer baby.Always loved Colorado, always will.  But I have also tried out some other areas of this fine country.  Did a good year/two stint in Chicago, Minneapolis, as well as Venice Beach. But, as mentioned, I always come back to this lovely state! So right now me and my Canadian wife are settled in Denver with a nice lil house and garage/workshop, although I travel a ton for my company. 

photo by  @deanbradshaw

photo by @deanbradshaw

You own a digital recruiting firm - can you tell us how and when you started it? What companies do you work with? How do you find and what do you look for in talent? What does your day to day look like?

So about six years ago, I started my own company working with digital talent. Basically, a digital repp’ing/recruiting agency/consultancy that is based in Colorado.  Oddly enough though, our main base of clients/talent are in NY SF and LA. It's a bit of an odd business, to be honest... I mean, no one really grows up saying they want to be a recruiter. I think my idea for doing this comes from a few places; to begin, my first job out of college was as a booker at a modeling/acting agency. Talent representation at its finest (but very different than what I do now). And in general, I notice I just really love being the guy with the resources. I love searching for and identifying the best talent out there, and even more than that, I love the matchmaking that comes after that. Hell, even with my motorcycle projects, I love helping friends out to find the best painter, or custom metalworker, leather guy, engine mechanic, etc. Anywho, basically, we now help startups, brands and creative/advertising firms find awesome web developers, UI designers, and producers. I actually used to be a Digital Producer as well for many many years. Being a Producer comes with a bit of a 'recruiter mind' too, so I’m sure some of it came from there as well. It's going strong, and I figure it never hurts knowing the top designers and creative technologist around. 


What else are you working on?

People know me well, know that I’m always working on crazy lil side projects. From motorcycles to interior decoration projects (all TheSupply offices), to apps and web projects… One worth mentioning here on Fellow Gent is Looklist. A curated style app. About 2 years ago I had an idea to whip up one central place to store the best hair and fashion images out there. And I wanted to make the filtering and sorting of all the images much cleaner/usable than loose search terms in a search bar. And on top of all that, we wanted to make it very curated, the best images possible, no selfies etc. So I and a very talented dev friend of mine made it happen. Take a peek at the hair side of the app here hair.lookli.st and the style side here style.lookli.st   - We actually ended up getting a bit of funding and it still lives on today. As of late, we have been in a few talks with companies that want to explore licensing it out, brand it for themselves, offer it to their customers, etc.  Oh, and check out a few more of my projects at http://shazcreative.com/  


You also have a passion for motorcycles - can you tell us about your collection? What's your dream bike" Any future aspirations with respect to motorcycles? 

Through my whole erratic career path, there has always been one constant. Toying with and attempting to customize motorcycles. I tend to stick to the aesthetics of bikes mainly, my A.D.D often gets in the way of me deconstructing an intricate tedious engine with a gazillion parts. But yea, I’ve always loved the idea of making a motorcycle look different than any other bike on the road. I think deep down I would love to do this with cars too, but it's much more realistic/approachable to get creative on a moto body. I usually have a few bike in the ole garage too. Right now I have a custom Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Scrambler, and a badass blacked-out Royal Enfeild. I'll be the first to admit I'm still learning and getting my groove… But maybe one day I'll try to onboard a few commissioned projects for real customers.  And when it comes to what I like, the style I appreciate… Just think WWSMD - What would Steve Mcqueen do. Gritty dusty scramblers. Neon crotch rockets make me cringe. Also, I have been working on documenting a lot more of this moto lifestyle I love so much. Luckily my buddy Dean Bradshaw has helped capture some pics of our trips and my builds as you can see attached. ( Readers, check out his work if you can, great stuff! https://www.instagram.com/deanbradshaw/ )

So that is it for now. Me in a nutshell. Thanks for reaching out, again. 

photo by @deanbradshaw

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