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Meet Fellow Gent Founder Kyle Bardouche

Meet Fellow Gent Founder Kyle Bardouche

What is Fellow Gent and why’d you start it?

In quick, it's been years in the making, but it all came together as an idea one day. I've met some many cool people over the past 4-5 years and I really want to share that with other guys. So I created Fellow Gent, which summed up, is a community of cool guys doing cool things. We have a minimal, welcoming attitude and perspective about everything. I was always intrigued with the media/blogs and how much reach and influence they had and I've become good friends with a lot of these guys, and the idea hit me one day to build a community and platform around that. I created it for guys who are passionate about the same things as I am - style, design, watches, travel + adventures, business, and of course being the best gentleman possible. Yeah, we’re suckers for a $10,000 vintage Rolex, or a nice leather bag, but we’re so much more than that. We send a weekly emailer rounding up our favorite picks and topics for the week. If you want in, you can sign up here.


What’s a typical day like for you?

I love that every day is different. I love being spontaneous. I don’t really like routine, outside of spending time with my family and working out. I don’t work well 9-5. I love working a few hours, then go do something else, then come back to work for a few more. It helps keep my mind fresh and focused. Too much time spent in front of a computer is no good for creativity. I love connecting and meeting people. But a typical day is waking up around 7:00 - 7:30 am (I don’t use an alarm clock) with a kick to the ribs from my 2 year old son, Jack, hop in the shower for a cold rinse, make breakfast with the fam (typically three eggs, a meat, and avocado), then head to the office for 9, tackle my inbox, might have a meeting, then head to the gym, come back and eat lunch and finish up the work schedule. Then head home and hang with the fam and eat dinner. Once Jack goes to bed I’ll get some more work done.


What are you listening to right now?

I’m currently listening to Lewis Del Mar’s self-titled new album. It’s a mix of rock, electro-acoustic and indie. Check ‘em out and turn it up.


What do you do in your free time?

Man, I don’t really have free time anymore. With a toddler (who is my entire world), there’s no such thing as free time. So all my time away from work is spent with him and my wife Erin. But when I have a sec, I’m thinking of new business ventures like starting this side project Fellow Gent, working on an all-natural organic hair pomade and just connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs whose purpose in life is to change the world. I believe it’s super important to surround yourself with positive energy people that make you better by just being around. I also love reading business books. Positive vibes all around.


What’s next for Fellow Gent?

It’s been awesome working and watching Fellow Gent come together. Honestly, my first idea was to create a pre-owned men’s clothing and accessory site. But after the drawing board, I knew there was so much more to do it with. If there’s only thing I learned from my previous businesses, it’s that you can’t do everything yourself. That’s why I wanted to create a community Fellow Gents and share their life with the world. There are so many cool guys out there that are an inspiration every day and our plan is to make them known. As for what's next? Not really sure. Keep finding and creating original content to share with you guys. If we can help inspire your next shirt or watch, plan your next adventure, or just read our weekly email that’s all I want.


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